Document Management & Indexing

Helping to convert Paper Document to Digital Document

The accumulation of paper in the life of the business professional is overwhelming. We work together to envision your world with less paper. Broadly our conversion process is divided into four steps:

• Capture - converting paper document to digital with a scanner
• Storage - save the digital document and where/how it will be stored
• Indexing - give unique id to the digital document
• Retrieval - finding the document later

Converting hard copy into a digital image with the ability to store, retrieve, and forward is highly required. The correct scanned documents can increase a user's efficiency. The technical aspects of scanning we provides:

• High Resolution and Quality
• Color or Black and White Scanning
• Duplex mode scanning
• Multiple file format


  • Scanning
  • Capture
  • Indexing
  • Retrieving
  • Data Entry
  • Distribute

Form Processing

  • Insurance Claim Form
  • Medical Form
  • Online Form Processing

Format Conversion

  • PDF to Word format
  • Word to HTML format
  • Page maker to PDF format
  • E-Book Conversion