Maintenance & Support

Helping to migrate from legacy system to newer and meet today's business demands

We want organizations get the most out of their technology and that begins with proper support and maintenance. Our maintenance and support service helps you to maintain existing systems or renovate applications to comply with new regulations, new standards or other external events.

When you are focusing on innovation and create a road map for successful product launches; we undertake the responsibility for sustaining the matured versions of the software for localization, enhancements, defect fixes, performance improvement, service pack development and releases.

MargMaker offerings:

  • Application Maintenance Service
  • Application Re-Engineering Service
  • Database Service


Application Maintenance

  • Job Monitoring
  • Administration & Operation
  • Maintenance

Application Re-Engineering

  • Application Porting
  • Platform Migration
  • Enhancements

Database Service

  • Administration
  • Data Mining
  • DW Monitoring
  • Report Generation